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We do more then just sales


We offer professional installation on our products. We take pride in our work and it shows in our installs. We Believe every car is special and should be treated like such. We treat each car with care and professionalism to ensure a quality installation. Our Installers job is to make sure your Audio investment is clean looking and sounds great. Small job or big, it makes difference.


Ford F150

Ford F150

Radio Upgrades

We can upgrade your factory 

We stock hundreds of dash kits form all over the world. If they make it we try to have it. We also can retain factory features like, steering wheel controls, Aux ports, Sirius X, and OnStar. If you need ports for Aux or USB inputs we have those too. If you want Bluetooth or better Bluetooth, we have that. Do you get lost, We have in dash Navigation radios. We can also add features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner

Keep the factory radio

Not every car needs a new radio

Some cars have all the features you need. Other cars have very complex integrated Radios you can not replace.  Either way, we can still add amazing Audio to your car. For some cars we can interface into the factory radio to add audio. Others we have processors we add to achieve great audio.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

Can't See behind you

Add a Back up Camera

We have a large variety of backup and front facing Cameras to fit your need. From tin sleek tag cameras, handle camera, third break light cameras, and everything in between. We have a camera to fit your need for improved visibility and safety. 

Tools to do the Job

you need more then a screw driver

Todays cars are more complex then ever. Many cars have features like fake exhaust noise and noise canceling cabins. Installing something has simple as a subwoofer amplifier can go from easy to hard very quick. Having the tools to work on these type of cars is a must. We have the know how and the tools it takes to do the install. It takes more then just putting equipment in your car, making it sound good is a very important.

Finding us is Easy


We are located in Clearwater Florida across the street for the Original Hooter's. The Store is On Gulf to Bay 2 miles West of the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Easy to get to from Tampa of Pinellas County.